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“After a while you learn that privacy is something that you can sell but you can't buy it back”
Bob Dylan 

The Privacy Act and associated Codes (and for public sector organisations, the Official Information Act) require agencies who deal with personal information to adhere to a number of information handling principles. These govern how you collect, use, store, share, disclose and dispose of personal information. All agencies and businesses are required, by law, to have a Privacy Officer to ensure compliance.


Privacy Solutions Ltd has 20+ years of global experience enabling us to deliver you a variety of services tailor-made to assist your business to comply with all laws and regulations that impact on the management and protection of personal information. If you do not have a Privacy Officer and/or tested policies for the protection of personal information then we can remove the pressure, uncertainty and risk for you, we can also work closely with your people to ensure you are doing the right thing.


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