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Your Responsibilities

Almost everyone holding personal information about other people has to comply with the Privacy Act - there are some exceptions, but they are very limited.  Personal information is any information that can identify an individual – for e.g. customers, employees, clients - so it is very likely that your organisation deals with personal information on a daily basis. You need to be complying with all aspects of the law.   You can check with us regarding the Act’s application to your organisation.  


The Act is principles-based (in fact, it has 13 of them) which cover the collection, storage, security, use and disclosure of personal information, including overseas transfers.  They also cover access to and correction of information held, and regulate the use of unique identifiers.  These principles are open to interpretation and since 1993, the Privacy Commissioner has built up a significant amount of case notes that provide guidance in specific situations.   In some circumstances, the Act is overridden by other legislation.  

We can provide advice on specific issues, review your procedures or develop new ones for you , manage any complaints, provide training to your staff to ensure your complete organisational compliance.

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