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Privacy Solutions Ltd has extensive knowledge in devising effective internal privacy compliance programmes and procedures, the development of privacy strategy and policy documents, including privacy statements and breach management/notification protocol.

Our global experience enables us to advise on the impact of trans-border data flows and advise on appropriate measures to mitigate risks involved in the outsourcing of processing personal information.

Privacy Audits


Privacy Solutions Ltd has developed an audit methodology that conducts an assessment of an organisations functions or processes.

It consists of a detailed set of checklists based on the Privacy Act’s main provisions that will involve interviews with key personnel in your organisation. Audit reports are produced that identify possible areas of non-compliance with the Act and highlight areas of concern - after which we will work with your staff to address any shortfalls.

Privacy Impact  and Maturity Assessments


A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a systematic process for evaluating a proposal or impending project in terms of its impact upon privacy. It helps to identify the effects, examine how anything detrimental can be overcome and provide options to ensure compliance with the Privacy Act. we also have extensive experience in conducting maturity assessments in accordance with the GCPO's Privacy Maturity Assessment Framework (PMAF) 

Privacy Solutions Ltd. can perform a PIA on any proposed initiative, system or function within your organisation to assess and mitigate compliance - while maintaining impartiality. We can also assist you to conduct your annual PMAF assessment.  



Ensuring your personnel are aware of company expectations and their legal obligations is an essential component in any compliance regime. 

We can design and deliver a variety of staff training to suit your organisational requirements, from on-line e-learning courses to face to face seminars of any length. 

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